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Beau Travail believes that design should connect
people and enrich their surroundings. Why choose between making and thinking? Founder, Fabien Petiot, designs
colorful, sculptural and narrative products as companions 
to our daily life, whereas writings and prints extend
his desire to share stories and knowledge.
Let's discover his prolific work inspired by nature!

Furniture as if extracted from nature
Folded for minimum waste

Roues Libres

Space Design - an exhibition about reinventing the wheel

An owl found in a cookie box

Owls Serie

FabienPetiot-hands blue.png
Essay "Thinking (about) Craft"

“we must put on new eyeglasses (...) to stress the place of craft in our societies, (...) pervasive and at the intersection of every path, from creation to production, from the political to the cultural.”

FabienPetiot-sit dans wit.png
Meet our friends
Beau Travail
x Galerie Mouvements Modernes

Synergy between high-quality craftsmanship, unexpected materials and Beau Travail's sensibility is the result of a great collaboration initiated in 2017 with Mouvements modernes (Paris). An exciting challenge to follow in the footsteps of important names such as Garouste & Bonetti, Pucci de Rossi, or Martin Szekely who made the history of this unique design gallery!

FabienPetiot-hands blue.png
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