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from CLAIRIÈRE series

This sideboard looks like it was extracted from nature. The entangled legs tell of its growth at the same time of a vegetal sensuality; on the surface of the tabletop, three holes invite the curious to caress the wood and suggest the presence of the legs below; finally, a stretched and linear gouge refers to the tree bark which, in contrast with the smooth top, encourages haptic touch or ‘eye tactility’.

Material: natural- and back stained- oak
Made by: Xavier Bonsergent – Prototype Concept (FR)

Limited edition for Galerie Mouvements modernes (Paris)
Drawing by Fabien Petiot / Photos by ©Thilbault Breton-Galerie Mouvements modernes

'A vegetal sensuality which encourages haptic  contacts'

Beau-Travail_dash and arrows-03.png
Making Of
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