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A true polymath: 
words, art & design

As a true polymath, French designer Fabien Petiot (b. 1979), enjoys experimenting in many fields. He revels in combining craftsmanship and design, art and writing, a creative balance created by embracing all these disciplines.

Drawing from his background in Art History and Industrial Design, Fabien created his own approach, generous and contrasting the usual disciplines he found to be too tight. In 2013, he founded his own studio, designing lighting, furniture and objects both sculptural and narrative. Quickly spotted by the Mouvements Modernes Gallery in Paris, which exhibits some of his limited pieces, his work has also been exhibited in prestigious international fairs and galleries such as the PAD Art + Design (Paris and London) or The Salon (New York), and in group exhibitions. Likewise, his work is demanded by renowned interior designers and collectors, captivated by this synergy between high-quality craftsmanship, unexpected materials and the knowledge of an accomplished designer.

While continuing working on numerous activities (ie. collaborating with the Mouvements Modernes Gallery, publishing books and articles, and curating exhibition commissions),

Beau Travail means "Excellent work!" or taking its more familiar, ironic meaning: "What a mess!"

Fabien established Beau Travail in the Netherlands, an extension of his Parisian design studio. In French, Beau Travail means “Excellent work!” or taking its more familiar, ironic meaning “What a mess!”. Which says a lot about both highest demands for material quality, and an inherent sense of humour. Beau Travail intends to synthesize Fabien Petiot’s approach as a designer interested in both matters of materials research, production methods, and in innovative techniques. In the land of unbridled Dutch design, Fabien enjoys fusing the French Decorative Arts tradition with the industrial efficiency of Dutch companies. Beau travail allows him the freedom to explore his craft through designs that are simultaneously sophisticated and playful, and across all mediums: from objects, lighting and limited-edition furniture, to art books, drawings and prints. The strong guiding thread between his two creative studios is his passion for nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. As a prolific storyteller, Fabien, through Beau Travail, applies his experience to craft colourful, unique and poetic objects.


Galerie Mouvements modernes

Mouvements Modernes (Paris) was founded in 2002 by Pierre Staudenmeyer, historical expert of design and founder of Neotu Gallery. Focused on contemporary design and decorative arts since 1980, the gallery defends numerous artists, under the current owner’s leading, Sophie Mainier-Jullerot. Nowadays, the gallery proposes a selection of iconic items from the 80’s and the 90’s, but also follows what its founder had started, by selecting artists and designers who work on collectible one-off piece as well as on limited editions. Thus, young designers such as Fabien Petiot or Emma Donnersberg work on furniture items in limited editions and renew with the french tradition of decorative arts.

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The Polymathic

Founded in 2019 by Fabien Petiot and Chloé Braunstein-Kriegel, THE POLYMATHIC studio offers research, counselling and design solutions to public and private companies and institutions, in defining and implementing their cultural and research policies. Chloé and Fabien focus on the exponential renewal and diversification of current production modes. THE POLYMATHIC’s working methodology is based on their social, cultural and environmental impact.

The diversity of experts, stories, skills and knowledge gathered by THE POLYMATHIC during each of its missions, enriches the strategy of its clients by linking culture and production, crafts and industry, and reconciling local commitment and global scale. THE POLYMATHIC designs cultural programs, acts as an exhibition curator in the fields of creation in the broad sense, publishes works and critical texts. In addition, the studio hosts workshops and events, and submits expert reports.

"A great lab to experiment with both high craft & new technologies"

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