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Sofa for a reader

Exhibition furniture

Three versions (one, two and three seats) of a sofa punctuate the reading islands of this exhibition dedicated to an art critic. The seats provide reading comfort for the visitor who, in front of the works, grabs the explanatory texts placed in the slot of the back. Asymmetrical, the sofa allows a departure from the frontal relationship to the works and enjoyment from  another point of view on the exhibition space. This furniture has been preserved and reused by the museum, for its permanent exhibition rooms and rest areas.

Material: painted Mdf and upholstery
Furniture commissioned by Paris City Museum of modern art (Musée d'art moderne de la Ville de Paris) for the Exhibition « Dans l’œil du critique. Bernard Lamarche Vadel et les artistes » (Paris, Mamvp, 29 May-6 September 2009).


Exhibition Set design: c-album (graphic design agency) in collaboration with Alice Sabatier

Drawing & photos by Jean-Baptiste Taisne (Agence c-album)

'Giving an exhibition to read'

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Making Of
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