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Reception Desk

talking furniture

How to evoke in the reception hall of the new Maison des Compagnons du Devoir in Pantin the work of the saddlers, leatherworkers, upholsterers and shoemakers who train there? How to translate the techniques at work in this new Pôle d'excellence des matériaux souples (or 'Soft materials crafts Cluster')? By weaving wood, sewing assemblies and the softness of curves, while respecting precise specifications: to provide a permanent secretarial workstation, to respect PMR standards, to welcome trainers and visitors, and to visually mark the entrance of this new establishment, day and night.

Made by Jason Boudet (carpenter, FR)
Photos by Beau Travail-Fabien Petiot

'Weaving wood to evoke soft materials crafts'

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