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Convex and concave mirrors (or witch mirrors) cause visual illusion aberrations that are not far from those in amusement parks. Their almost hypnotic power appears in the paintings of the Flemish Renaissance: they magnetize us, reflecting an immense space in their small frames, while concentrically distorting it and swallowing us in there. But there was little change and formal evolution in this mirror design. Working with the last French curved glass maker (Hugues Desserme), rich in a centuries-old family know-how, and with a craftsman (Laaziz Touzani) specialized in glass decoration techniques, including the rare lead silvering, allows the 'Ombilic' series to reconnect with the mystery of these objects that catch our eye. From three mirrors become micro- and macro- cosmos: by making this cold mirror sensual by placing a navel on its surface, a nod to Narcissus and the ripple on the water in which he ended; by using lead silvering for one of them, giving depth to its intriguing black light; by realizing what scientists call a mathematical object, a translation between a complex equation and the vacuum of the black hole in the cosmos.

Material: series of convex, concave and embossed mirrors with silvering and lead silvering
Limited edition for Galerie Mouvements modernes (Paris)

Made by: Hugues Desserme (glass) and Laaziz Touzani (silvering)

Photos by ©Thilbault Breton-Galerie Mouvements modernes / Hans Arp, Der Nabel von Hans Arp, 1930 ©Stiftung Arp e.V. Berlin-Rolandswerth / ©Beau Travail-Fabien Petiot
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