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hand- and standing mirror

This sideboard looks like it was extracted from nature. The entangled legs tell of its irregular cutting, and the rough reflection of a mirrored stainless steel sheet restore the substance of the object mirror now often devoid of defects or thickness. This range of mirrors is born from the idea of using laser in order to cut a sheet of stainless steel. Indeed, its outline, drawn freehand, has been faithfully reproduced by the machine. Here, the vibration of a handmade line as well as the precision of a mechanical cutting are combined to make this fixed object lively and mysterious.


For the standing mirror 'Fat Domino', the wedge, as a structural element, becomes ornamental – it multiplies reflections – and forms a nose on a face – the mirror therefore takes the shape of a mask. The hand mirror 'Domino' also acts as a mask. Both useful for looking at oneself and for observing those who surround us, this object makes us literally go through the looking-glass. On the back of the object, only the eyes of the one who puts make-up on are visible.

Material: stainless steel and mirrored stainless steel and plane tree veneering
Photos by ©Véronique Huyghe / ©Beau Travail

'A trembling silhouette and an nose on a face for a mirror'

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