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Knitted lampshade and dancing sticks

"Putting a sweater on a lampshade": it was this incongruous intuition that brought together a designer (Fabien Petiot), a saddler-upholsterer (Étienne Buffard) and a textile designer (Clément Assoun). The first experiments later combined with knitwear skills led to the production of an innovative textile. Thanks to progressively decreased knitting that takes its surface to welcome volumes, it contains pockets where light is inserted. The use of digital technology, combined with artisanal know-how, has made it possible to give birth to this screen of lighting fabric which, as a tightrope walker, hangs on a frail beechwood structure.

Prototype in collaboration with Étienne Buffard and Clément Assoun
Material: beech, viscose, Lurex, metal and LED lighting

'Putting a sweater on a lampshade'

Beau-Travail_dash and arrows-03.png
Making Of
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