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illuminated porcelain

Apart from the lithophanic technique (engraving pattern onto porcelain), little has been done to reinterpret porcelain as a light filter. The question of the pattern and its emergence are tackled here on the basis of the material itself. In order to make a flat shape from porcelain, a structuring "heel" is required. By moving the plastic injection technique to the field of porcelain, the network of thick lines serves both as a structure (like the heel under a plate) and a pattern. The progressive density of the lines accompanies the diffusion of light on the back of this plate held by a brushed brass structure. Combining leading-edge technology and craft know-how, this sconce combines the precision of digital milling used to create the mold with the deformations related to the vagaries of porcelain firing.

Material: porcelain and brass
Limited edition for Galerie Mouvements modernes (Paris)

Thanks to Emilie Pedron (ceramist, FR) for the very first research and prototypes

Photos by ©Claire Lavabre / ©Beau Travail
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