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Prototype in collaboration with Yann Le Bihan

Three cylinders form a seat: one cut in two, the others two used to support and to connect. Two seats form a bench, once connected by an oak board. Here, the wood-like veined sandstone allows a playful graphic design made of continuities and ruptures. This bench has been designed like a construction game, architecture where the eye circulates along curves and edges, full and empty spaces. Noble materials, digital and manual design tribute to ancient builders and project us into the craftsmanship of the future, thanks to the dialogue between a designer and a stonemason, and an attention to local resources such as the "grès Molière" (sandstone) from Rodez (France).

Material: oak, sandstone, magnets and leather

Thanks to S.A. Vermorel (Rodez, FR)

Photos by ©Thilbault Breton-Galerie Mouvements modernes / ©Beau Travail-Fabien Petiot / ©Yann Le Bihan

Making Of
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